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What We Do

Preserve Your Memories

When grieving death, memorialization – taking the time to honor the life of a loved one in a meaningful way, and remembering the difference a loved one made in our lives can be an important step in the journey toward healing.

Today, memorialization is so much more than it used to be.   It can be a personal experience that reflects the personal value, interests and experiences of our loved ones and helps those who are left behind to remember those who matter most.  It is transformative, healing, and comforting.  Meaningful memorialization planning starts when loved ones talk about what matters most: memories made, lessons learned, and how they hope to be remembered.


We’ll work with you to preserve your precious memories and create a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Tell Your Loved One's Story

Designing a memorial tribute can be an emotional mission, but one that will be very rewarding as you contemplate how to remember a loved one and tell their story in stone. There are many areas you can search as you recall the highlights of a person’s life. What was their “love of life?”

Are you honoring a loving mother, a devoted husband, a fun-loving brother or a child whose life ended too soon? Or are you a member of a committee charged with providing a public memorial to honor a war veteran, historic site, or occasion? Each person and situation is unique and has their own distinctive story. How do you tell that story?

We urge you to get your thoughts together, do a little research, and take time to share these ideas with us. We can take your thoughts and create a meaningful memorial of whatever size, style, and priced memorial required.

Our Work For Your Loved One

At Stone Art Memorial Company we take great pride in the building of monumental work of all sizes. From small family memorials to large scale civic monuments, we are a full service memorialist - working closely with you every step of the way from design to construction. All our work is custom designed with your input, and is unique to the application of your project. At Stone Art Memorial, you won’t simply look through a catalogue and pick the model that's closest to meeting your needs. Yours is a one-of-a-kind project, and your memorial should be too.

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