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Family Memorial & Family Monument Options 

Preserve your most precious memories with a family memorial or upright family monument that establishes a lasting legacy for your family.   From a simple flat cemetery marker, plaque or slant gravestone to piece of sculpture or an intricate upright family monument – no matter how you’d like to memorialize the members of your family, Stone Art Memorial is uniquely qualified to meet your needs, starting with our compassionate care and service, to the highest quality materials and old-world craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

At Stone Art Memorial we know that each family is different and unique – personalize your memorial with your very own “story in stone.” Our skilled artisans will work with you every step of the way to create a signature family memorial from scratch for a lasting family legacy that you will cherish always. From design idea to photos and epithets we will be with you every step of the way.

Browse some of our work on family memorials in our gallery, or get in touch with us to schedule your appointment.

What will your loved one's story in stone be?

Compassionate Care

Providing dignity, compassionate care and service during your time of need are the hallmarks of Stone Art Memorial.


Perpetual Warranty

Whatever happens, there is no expiration date. This is our uncompromising promise to you for generations to come. 


Headstone Customization

From granite color to epithets, laser, etching, photos and bronze features - you'll have a beautiful tribute in stone.


One of A Kind

At Stone Art Memorial, your memorial will be as unique as your loved one. A forever tribute.

Our Materials

Not all granites are alike, not all retain their vibrancy; some granites fade, check, stain and split with the passage of time, failing the very purpose for which they were chosen—to provide an enduring memorial for you or your loved one.  Stone Art Memorial uses only the finest granite available today, and is Western New York's exclusive partner with the Rock of Ages Corporation.  The Rock of Ages seal upon the stone is the only way to know that the granite and workmanship is genuinely Rock of Ages and guaranteed by the strongest warranty in our industry.

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