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Not all granites are alike, not all retain their vibrancy; some granites fade, check, stain and split with the passage of time, failing the very purpose for which they were chosen—to provide an enduring memorial for you or your loved one.  Stone Art Memorial uses only the finest granite available today, as Erie County’s exclusive partner with the Rock of Ages Corporation.  The Rock of Ages seal upon the stone is the only way to know that the granite and workmanship is genuinely Rock of Ages and guaranteed by the strongest warranty in our industry.

Rock of Ages is the premier granite quarrier and manufacturer in North America. Founded in Vermont in 1885, the company owns and operates granite quarries in several states and in Canada and is the largest producer of cemetery memorials in the United States and Canada.  Rock of Ages has set the standard in quarried stone and memorialization worldwide.  No matter the project, we offer legendary quality, superior service and an unmatched warranty.  No one is more experienced in providing the best granite and versatile service than Rock of Ages.  No one stands behind its product offerings like Rock of Ages.

Granite is a rock of the ages—a rock that has withstood the test of time. Granite is among the oldest rock on earth. Hidden deep beneath the ground’s surface, granite reveals itself only after the softer, upper layers of dirt and rock have worn away, allowing its strength and power to be unveiled, making it the perfect medium for applications where beauty and permanence are the criteria.


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"The Kneeling Girl" (1954) - Painted by legendary artist Norman Rockwell for Rock of Ages.

"The Craftsman" (1963) - Painted by legendary artist Norman Rockwell, it depicts George Seivwright, a long-time Rock of Ages memorial artist.