Flush (Flat) Memorials


A flush (flat or “lawn level”) memorial is the most common type of cemetery marker – generally a flat granite stone that rests at the head of the gravesite.   Though they are the simplest and generally the least expensive memorials, they can still be highly personalized and customized to memorialize your loved one and tell their unique story.   Stone Art Memorial uses only the highest quality materials, sourced from Rock of Ages, the industry’s leading provider of the world’s finest granite.  A wide variety of sizes, colors and personalization options are available.  Our dedicated and highly experienced staff will walk you through your options and, working within your budget, will help you select and design the perfect monument for your family.   Then our skilled craftsmen will make your vision a reality by transforming the granite into a lasting legacy for your family.

To learn more about creating your flush memorial, contact us at any time.