Private, Family & Individual Mausoleums

Stone Art Memorial is the premier builder of custom built private, family and individual mausoleums in the Northeast.

Mausoleum Design & Construction

Our team of highly skilled artisans and stone craftsman are experienced in all phases of family mausoleum design and construction. After all we’ve been designing custom built mausoleums for generations! From design, architecture, engineering and master carving to on-site  construction – we manage your legacy every step of the way.  From custom built on-site mausoleums to lower priced pre-built mausoleums, we use only the finest materials. Our granite is truly the best on earth – Rock of Ages granite quarried and cut in Vermont to create your family mausoleum.  All are backed by a 100% trusted warranty FOREVER to you, your future generations and the cemetery where your mausoleum is erected.

Client Service

When you choose to have Stone Art Memorial Company create a custom designed Private Family Mausoleum, you will find our entire team ready to contribute with every step of the process. Our highly trained mausoleum consultants will consult with you regarding your needs, styles and preferences.  Our experienced designers will develop plans which reflect your wishes both in basic architecture and in decorative elements that reflect your family and make your vision a reality.

Individual, Private & Family Mausoleum Guarantee

As with every product Stone Art Memorial Company makes, our Private, family Mausoleums are guaranteed in perpetuity – a warranty that is the strongest anywhere. Structural elements are made from the best Vermont granite, while other elements such as bronze doors, religious or non-religious stained glass windows can be custom designed to insure permanence and lasting beauty.  Together, these qualities combine to make Stone Art Memorial Company  the  most respected builder of individual and family mausoleums in the country.  Your memorial is the most permanent thing you will ever purchase.  Why should it be less than Stone Art Memorial Company?

Schedule A Private Consultation

See examples of our work on family mausoleums in our gallery.  If you are considering a family mausoleum to preserve your memory, schedule a consultation. You can contact us via our Contact Page, or stop by one of our two convenient showroom locations in the Buffalo area.