Not All Granite Materials Are Created Equal

When you’re considering the craftsmanship of a granite memorial, the first thing you want to consider is the quality of the stone.  Granite memorials are meant to preserve memories or to perpetuate a legacy, not just for a lifetime, but for many lifetimes. That means you need granite that won’t crack, chip, discolor, or otherwise deteriorate over many, many years. And the highest quality granite is not always easy to come by.

In our experience, being a family business since 1857, the best place to get this high-quality granite is from the Rock of Ages granite quarries in Graniteville, Vermont. Rock of Ages granite comes with a perpetual guarantee that ensures it will stand the test of time.  And this guarantee is not just furnished to you, but is also provided to your heirs and the cemetery where your memorial resides. That means it is proven to last more than a lifetime without faults or flaws in material.

As the sole partners and suppliers of Rock of Ages granite to Erie and Niagara Counties, we are proud to be the only ones to offer this guarantee to our customers, and we are just as proud of every stone memorial that we produce, because we know that we’ve created it with the best materials available. Stone Art Memorial Company is committed to offering the Buffalo area the highest quality craftsmanship to help you preserve your memories, and we stake our name on offering you the very best.

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